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Luxury Fully Iced Fruit Cake

(6 customer reviews)

6 reviews for Luxury Fully Iced Fruit Cake

  1. Andrew O’Connell

    We had planned to buy the ingredients for an Xmas cake but we picked up one of yours and we were not disappointed . A fabulous tasting cake which we liked so much we bought a 2nd.

  2. Nuala Kenneally

    Love your Christmas fully iced cake

  3. Sinead McCarthy

    This was the nicest cake I’ve had since my Granny died many years ago. It is so rich and moist. I am going to get a few more for Christmas

  4. Ciara Farragher

    I give this 5 stars. I got as a present last year and it was the nicest cake iv ever had… Can you please tell me where I can buy I have tried a few supermarkets and can’t find them? I would really appreciate your help I want to make Christmas extra special for my family this year for unfortunate reason so I would love your cake as part of that. Thanks in advance

  5. Justin Patrick Mckenna

    As an Irishman now living in rural Pennsylvania I was hugely impressed. I have tried store bought Christmas cakes over the years and most ended up in the bin. This cake was great. Moist, fruity and the icing was delicious. Well done folks, you nailed it.

  6. Harry Mullan

    Bought one of these for Christmas 2021 and I just finished it. I was very surprised at how delicious it was. Now I have had several O’Hara’s cakes before and they are always very good but I find that not every baker makes a good Christmas cake. O’Hara’s is an exception here. First, the presentation, O’Hara’s does a lovely job of their cake design. The icing looks perfect, there is a design on the cake that is edible as well. There is also a ribbon around the cake which is itself on a firm platter. A lot of thought went into this and it shows. The cake itself was lovely and moist. Not too sweet with plenty of fruit. The marzipan and icing were the perfect ratio and complimented the cake so very well. O’Hara’s need to be very proud of themselves for this cake. I live as an expat in New York so I shop in the Irish Neighborhoods where I can get a great choice of O’Hara’s cakes. Even though Christmas is now in the rear view mirror, I plan to stop by the neighborhood this weekend to see if, by chance, there is still another Christmas cake that didn’t get sold. Wish me luck!!

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